Where we are

Stavros Villas laies just a short walk from the main square of Karterados village on the main road leading to the beach of Exo Gialos and Monolithos.

Karterados is 15 minutes walk from Fira the capital. Centrally situated on the island, the area starts from the main road that leads to Fira and reaches all the way down to the beach and the east coast of Santorini.

Main Distances

  • Fira
    2 km
  • Kamari
    6 km
  • Perissa & Perivolos
    12 km
  • Oia
    14 km
  • Red Beach / Akrotiri
    12 km
  • White Beach
    14 km
  • International Airport
    3 km
  • Athinios Port
    8 km

Karterados Village

The traditional village of Karterados is built beside a stream in a ravine. Its existence is recorded back to the 17th century. The original dwellings are cave houses built deep into the rock face.

During the 19th century, it was one of the large sea captain villages on the island. The name of the village comes from the Greek word "karteri" = "waiting point" or "ambush point", probably because ambushes were set to trap marauding pirates.

The village square has a traditional windmill and a memorial plaque to commemorate those who died in the Second World War. On the left hand side as you leave the square, the road curves sharply to the left, and there you will discover the 'Steps of Galaios'.
Barely visible from the main road is a small neighbourhood of cobbled streets, Captains houses and cave houses built into the rock.